Dear Plavi Zvuk, I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your services. I have been using hearing aids for about 30 years now, but with yours, I am most satisfied. You were patient in answering my questions (and indeed there was a lot of them). Even when I called your experts several times you were very patient. When I ordered your appliance came to me very quickly home, and I did not have to wait long for you make the fitting of my hearing aid. Moreover, the most important, I did not have to go to the doctor. This is really top service. Thanks to your staff for the kindness I have experienced.

Ana M., Zaprešić

I bought hearing aid for my mother and ordered fitting. I did not realize that your service is free and I do not have to travel anywhere with my mother because you come to us – unbelievable! The staff was friendly, and mother felt very relaxed all the time. Your expert has answered my mother patiently to all of her questions and has informed her of hearing loss. You undoubtedly offer the best services! Mother and I are so happy since we bought the hearing aid from you!

Marko L., Zagreb

Thank you for your product and service. I live in Dalmatia and when it was windy day i had hard for to keep track of conversations and other sounds around me. With your hearing aid, I can hear and without the wind noise, and the Jugo or the Bura no longer bother me. Best Service!
Anita G., Split

Anita G., Split

As an athlete, I must say that my hearing loss affected my performance. I am glad I bought a hearing aid from you because I am thrilled with both: hearing aid and the service. Thank you!

Jelena K., Pula

It took me a while while I realized while I admitted myself that I needed a hearing aid. Experts from the Plavi Zvuk took care of everything I needed and helped me through the whole adjusting process. I did not have to go to the doctor or wait for long lines for tests because the people from Plavi Zvuk came to me. As for the hearing aid: nobody even notices it (I was afraid that everybody would see it in my ear). I could not dream of such a service. I appreciate and thank you for help.

Nikola P., Karlovac

I want to thank you for the new hearing aids and tell you to work excellently. I love what I can finally hear my grandchildren.

Vlatka B., Čakovec

Great experts for hearing aids. The Plavi Zvuk offered me the best service. I recommend it to everyone.

Branimir G., Šibenik

Ever since I started using your hearing aid, I can hear again. I can listen to birds while walking around nature and normally talk with family. I am especially happy to be able to speak normally to my grandson An. The hearing aid is so good designed that nobody even notices that I wear it and I am thrilled. Thanks to you I did not have to go to the city and arrange for a doctor appointment, and this is very important when you get to my age. Thank you for making my life better!!

Ankica H., Otočac

Great people and fast service. Thank you for the patience you had when answering all of my questions and explaining all I wanted to know. I thank you very much for making my life easier and fabulous with this excellent hearing aid. A truly top quality camera and top service. Recommend to everyone!

Petar J., Imotski

When I used the hearing amplifier, it magnified all sounds around me. I have heard all the sounds of nature, people, wind loudly. Also, the previous hearing aids did not meet my needs price wise and quality wise. Only, since I started using your hearing aid, I became satisfied, and with background noise reduction option I can hear well all conversations. I recommend to all!

Zvonimir L., Rijeka