PZ 2017

Hearing aid PZ 2017

Price: 410 € / 500$ /3100 kn

  • Dual Microphone: includes the latest directionality function and locality of reference technology that facilities listening in nosy, crowded spaces.
  • Most innovative Microphone to DSP Integration
  • Binaural Hearing: allows the patient to hear layers of sound and more accurately pinpoint where different noises are coming from
  • Automatic and Multi-Band Compression: both time and frequency domains for hearing experience that closely matches the natural environment
  • Wind Noise Reduction Button: using smart device App
  • High Sampling Rate: improved clarity of sound in concert halls and crowded areas such as restaurants for vibrant hearing experience.
  • 24-Bit Audio: High fidelity sound processing
  • Floating Point Processing: a more accurate representation of speech and background sounds for a richer more natural sound interpretation and hearing.
  • The fitting process takes 5 minutes and is performed using a cell phone or tablet, wirelessly
  • Adaptive customization provides the ability to closely match each patient´s unique requirement
  • Use the Smart App for adjustments to the volume (Gain), and control the clarity of speech (High Frequency Boost) with simple intuitive slider
  • Simultaneous adjustment of both hearing devices (Binaural Synchronization)
  • Custom volume control


  • 2 battery capacity charger with 2 hour recharge
  • USB Cable
  • Ear Tips
  • Spare Batteries
  • Replacement Receiver (3 Sizes)