Help your loved ones

Help other with hearing loss

Hearing loss influences life

Hearing loss has a significant influence on the quality of life, not just for people with hearing loss, but also for people around them. It can be frustrating and upsetting when you see your loved one gradually withdrawing from a community or not enjoying life because they can not hear well. You might have noticed a change in their character. Hearing loss negatively influences relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Encouraging a loved one to start using a hearing aid can be difficult, but at the same time, you have to know that it helps you and them equally. Help your loved one with hearing loss to live a better life.

Hearing loss is hard to accept

Many people do not realize, or they just do not want to accept the fact that they have a hearing problem and can ignore that fact for a long time. People perceive hearing loss as a stigma, a private issue, something that is embarrassing, a sign of weakness or aging. Accordingly, many people find it difficult to accept or ignore the fact that they have a hearing problem. Some people are not even aware that their hearing is not good. It takes a lot of patience and determination to convince someone to admit a hearing loss and to start asking for help.

Hearing loss is hard to accept
Start to help loved one with hearing loss

Don’t wait a long time before taking action

If you suspect someone of your loved ones may be suffering from hearing loss, do not wait a long time before taking action. Longer you wait to help them; a more significant problem may occur. The whole process of convincing a loved one suffering from hearing loss to ask for help is not always a smooth process. Take the necessary steps, buy a hearing aid, and be supportive. For a start, you can take our hearing test (link).




What can you do

  • Talk to your loved ones about their hearing
  • Let them know that you care about them and you want them to be involved in the world
  • Share with them your concerns about their hearing. Be cautious and be aware that it is common for people with hearing loss to take a defensive attitude. Almost no one likes to admit that they need a hearing aid
  • Kindly remind them of their hearing loss every time they repeat something they did not hear
  • Suggest buying the hearing aid and scheduling fitting service, maybe even arrange that for them and tell them you did this for their good
  • Offer them to be present as support at the scheduled meetings
  • Tell them about many famous people who use hearing aids, such as Eric Clapton, Jodi Foster, Bill Clinton
  • Help them learn about advanced technology of small hearing aids and help them reject the stereotypes of big, ugly, old technology
  • Be prepared to answer their questions
  • Remind your loved ones that they have nothing to lose, and they have a lot to gain
  • Give them time, but be persistent and positive
What can you do to hep other with hearing loss
Basic advice for help loved one with hearing loss

Basic advice for communication about hearing loss with your loved ones

Go slowly, step by step: Accepting hearing loss can be challenging, and sometimes it takes time. Be sympathetic, full of support and understanding. Learn about hearing loss: The more you know, better you can do to help. Therefore, we advise reading about hearing loss so you can explain better why is essential to use a hearing aid and treat hearing loss. Join teams with friends and family: you do not have to manage the situation alone; family and friends are there to support you and help you