Hearing test

If you answer YES on two or more of the following questions, you probably suffer from hearing loss, and we recommend using the hearing aid.

1.  Do you often ask others to repeat what they said?

2.  Do you increase the volume level of the TV/radio so that others are often asking to reduce volume?

3.  Do you often need to concentrate more to hear a conversation?

4.  Do you have difficulty with understanding conversation when people talk at the same time?

5.  Do you have problems listening to conversations in noisy environments?

6.  Do you have the feeling that person you are talking to “murmur” and do not speak clear?

7.  Do you have a problem with understanding when a woman or a child speak?

8.  Do you have the feeling that you do not hear a person on the other side of the line when you talk on the phone?

9. Do you often misunderstand what others say to you?

10. Do you often get frustrated during the conversation because you can not hear what other person is saying?

11. Do others often tell you that you do not hear well / or that you are deaf?