Care for the hearing aid

It is important to take care for the hearing aid

Why it is essential to take care of hearing aid

Proper care for the hearing aid improves its lifespan and ensures healthy ear hygiene. Clean and maintain the health and cleanness of your hearing aid on a daily basis. Our ear produces wax that can accumulate in the ears and on the hearing instrument, and that can be harmful to electronics of the hearing aid. Our specialist will explain you in more detail how to take good care of your hearing aid.

Bits of advice for cleaning and proper storage of hearing aid

  • Remove wax: it is essential to remove wax from the headset to prevent damage
  •  Use the hearing aid cleaning tool
  •  Use a clean, dry cloth, and a cleaning brush with soft surface cleaning around the switch, microphone, battery case
  • Do not use water, alcohol or other cleaning devices as they may break or damage the hearing aid
  • Leave the battery door open to preserve the battery power 
  • Leave the base of hearing aid open so moisture can evaporate.
  • When handling the hearing aid or changing the battery, hold it over a soft surface to avoid damage in case you drop it down
Advice for care of hearing aid
How to care for care of hearing aid

When you are not using hearing aid:

  • Place the device in the box and place it in a safe place
  • Do not hold the hearing aid in direct sunlight or other hot spots
  • Store a device on the secure site so you can easily find it.
  • Keep the hearing aid away from heat and moisture, and store it in a dry and cold place
  • Do not drop hearing aids
  • Keep the device out of the reach of children, people with mental disorders and animals
  • Do not use domestic cleaning remedies
  • Cosmetic, perfumes, hair sprays, shaving lotions, sunscreens and insect spray can damage your hearing aid