About us

Welcome to Plavi Zvuk!

We are the experienced team of European and American scientists, engineers, and professionals. We believe in the personalized approach to achieving high-quality hearing. Through our services, we are ensuring that scientific excellence, top technology, and family type of approach, come to you. This is the foundation of our products and services.

We are committed to providing exceptional service for people with hearing problems by delivering the latest micro-electroacoustic technology, with focus on three principles: reliability, usability, and personalized approach. We believe that everybody has right to hear and to have high-quality hearing aids at the affordable price. With our services and products, you do not need to go to doctor or audiologist, because Plavi Zvuk is coming to you.

For many years founders of Plavi Zvuk have been teaming up experts in the fields of hearing and sound. The team of Plavi Zvuk is made of leading scientists, audiologists, and experts from the fields of microelectronics, medicine, phonetics, and linguistics. As a result of our high-standard criteria, and sophisticated and modern technology, we have developed the top-quality, modern, sophisticated hearing aid and personalized fitting service. We are helping people to fulfill their potentials. We place individual needs and aspirations in the first place for the development of our new technologies and services. We believe that every individual has the right to hear.

We are basing our business on the principles of efficiency, transparency, accountability, professionalism, and respect for ethical business principles toward people that are using our hearing aids as well as business partners.

Reach us and enjoy the quality of life with natural sound and pleasant hearing. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.


Plavi Zvuk team