Why use a hearing aid

Why to use a hearing aid

Consequences of poor hearing

Hearing loss can negatively affect communication and interaction with others, create misunderstandings, increase stress, cause fatigue, etc. Ability to hear helps you to enjoy life without restriction. Using the hearing aid allows you to stay connected with the outside world, your family, friends and enables you to socialize, work, and communicate. There are many reasons why to use a hearing aid, and one of the primary reasons are: to improve the quality of life,

Studies show that using hearing aid improve:

  • Communication and interaction with people
  •  Closeness and warmth in family relations
  • Makes communication easier
  • Performance at work 
  • A sense of control over life
  • Active participation in society
  • Emotional stability
  • Concentration
  • Physical health
  • Energy
Hearing aid positively affect your life
Use hearing aid and be safe

Safety in the first place

Studies show that hearing loss increases the risk of falling. People with a mild hearing loss (of 25 decibels) are three times more likely to fall. Hearing allows you to hear alarms, sirens, traffic, phone, bell, and other vital signs and warnings at home, at work, and in society. Thanks to your ability to hear you can avoid potential danger and pay more attention to your surrounding.

Take care of your health

Using hearing aids enables you to avoid loneliness, depression, and dementia. An everyday communication with people who have hearing loss is making them feel fatigued, irritated, negative, angry, tense, stressed, as they have to concentrate more on a conversation.
When you can not actively engage in conversations and communication, you may likely feel isolated and depressed. Over the time, hearing loss can reduce the brain’s ability to process sound and recognize speech, so the brain becomes less active. Studies show that hearing contributes to cognitive and communication skills, and they associate hearing loss with memory difficulties, reduced abilities to learn new tasks, and

Use hearing aid and and take care of your health
Use hearing aid and be active in life

Be active in life

Hearing loss can influence your relationships with others.
Your loved ones or your colleges may have a wrong picture about you because you are not actively participating in conversations. Many people will think that you do not pay attention to conversations or that it is just not interesting for you. Ability to hear makes communication with your family, friends, and colleagues more comfortable and allows you to be part of the society. Watching your favorite series, listening to the radio, going to the cinema, or talking to friends and colleagues should not be hard work, but something fun and pleasant. Therefore, today’s hearing aid technology allows you, besides other functions, to recognize speech in noisy environments. The hearing aid will permit you to be active in your life.

Be independent

People who do not treat their hearing loss have higher rates of unemployment than rest if population. Researchers show that untreated hearing loss can affect your success at work; moreover, even mild hearing loss reduces the possibility of promotion and higher earnings. Using hearing aids can help you communicate successfully at work and therefore to preserve productivity, professionalism, and reputation.
Do not become a burden to others because you do not hear. Use hearing aid to reduce the possibility of misunderstanding, frustration, and save others from speaking louder or repeating all the time what they have said. Use the hearing aid, take control of your life and become independent.

Be independent with hearing aid