Fitting proces of hearing aid

Fitting process of a hearing aid

Fitting process- it is a personal matter

Fitting process of a hearing aid is a process performed by a specialist. During this process, a specialist needs to adjust the hearing aid to suit: your hearing needs, the shape of your ear, and your everyday habits. The whole process of fitting a specialist is making via computer. Specialist adjusts the sound and programs of the hearing aid according to your personal and specific needs. When a specialist finishes with fitting process, he will place hearing aid in your ear, adjust it the way it best suits you and will give you instructions on proper usage and care.

Configurations are permanent

A hearing aid is permanently storing configurations. The only thing user needs to do is to turn on the hearing aid, and it will automatically load the required parameters and adapt to the needs of the user. You just have to relax and listen to the sounds of life around you. It is important to remember that hearing is a subjective matter. This means that there is a high possibility that two people with the same hearing loss prefer and need different programming for their hearing aid.

Hearing aid fitting
Instruction after fitting

Don’t worry- you will get instructions

The specialist that makes hearing aid fitting is at your service to help you throughout the whole fitting process, inform you about your hearing aid, and answer all your questions.
He will give you detailed instructions how to put on the hearing aid, how to use it, and how to control the volume. The expert will also explain you the maintenance, how to change the batteries, how to clean and dry your hearing aid, etc. He will tell you how the hearing aid responds to different hearing situations and will give you exercises for you to smoothly pass adjustment period.
When you start to use a hearing aid, your brain needs to learn again how to filter out some of the loud sounds and find out which sounds require attention. After a while, there will be an emphasis on the most important sounds for you. However, adjustment period takes time. The specialist will give you specific instructions how to overcome surprises of hearing again.

Fitting process in Plavi Zvuk

Entire fitting process of a hearing aid with a specialist from Plavi Zvuk takes 5-10 minutes. More so, our specialist is coming to you, so you do not have to go to the doctor. 

How to order

Fitting process in Plavi Zvuk
Hearing aid fitting and instructions

First steps with new hearing aid

During the first few days, you should get to know the new hearing aid. At first, you should wear them for a couple of hours a day in a familiar environment. Some things may seem odd during that period. The best way to experience a hearing is through conversation or watching television. If it seems that your voice is too loud, you may have developed the habit of talking too loud. Be patient, use instructions that you got from the specialist, and you will soon learn how to use your hearing aid in the best possible way, further you will soon enjoy all the benefits it gives you.

Five steps toward better hearing

You need some time to adjust to hearing aid. It is the best to go through this process slowly, step by step.

1. Acceptance. When you stop denying and start accepting that you have a hearing problem only then you can get the help you need. The first step for the better hearing begins before buying the hearing aid.

2. Positive attitude. Those who access a hearing aid with a positive attitude are more likely to overcome hearing loss and improve the hearing experience. The hearing aid is not like glasses: just put them on your nose, and you will see. It takes time to adjust to the hearing aid and therefore you should not be negative and stop wearing them.

3. Information. Knowing more about your hearing loss, more actively you can participate in the fitting process of hearing aid. The hearing is a sophisticated sense that requires the cooperation of the brain and other senses.

4. Real expectations. Your brain needs time to get to know high-frequency sounds of a speech and the surroundings again. The adjustment time to the hearing aid and the new sounds could last from six weeks to six months. When you use the hearing aid for the first time, your brain will be astonished to receive missing signals, hear specific sounds in the speech spectrum and normal sounds from surroundings.

5. Practice and patience. You need some time for adjustment period. Your brain will need to practice and re-learn ¨new¨ sounds. Some sound could even scare you. Due to the new sounds and too much information for the brain first wear can be tiring. Over time, your brain will adjust to the sounds, and that is why you need to practice and be patient.

Steps toward better hearing