10 myths and facts about hearing aids

Important to clarify myths and facts about hearing aids

There is something important we need to clarify to you

We are bringing you 10 myths and facts about hearing aids. There are many misconceptions about hearing aids. The technology of the 21st century is more sophisticated than ever before. It is necessary to define some myths and misconceptions about hearing aids. Hearing loss and hearing impairment occur to anyone, regardless of age or gender. Certain myths and misconceptions about hearing aids affect the decisions whether to wear hearing aids or not and hence influence the quality of life. Because of these facts, it is essential to react on time and resolve the problem in the best possible way.

10 myths and facts about hearing aid


1. Hearing loss is rare.

FACT: More than 10% of the total population has some hearing loss type. Hearing loss and hearing impairment affect all people, regardless of age or sex. It is very likely that someone close to you has some hearing problem.

2. I would know whether I have any hearing problem.

FACT: Loss of hearing progresses gradually, year after year. Many people are unaware of hearing loss they have, and they think that their hearing is right, only assuming that people ¨mumble¨ those days more often than before: “If everyone spoke clearly, everybody would hear well.” It is not unusual that others, family or friends, are the first one to notice and warn loved ones that they have a problem with hearing. Individuals are often irritated at such discoveries and usually, refuse to accept those facts.

3. Hearing aids are signs of aging – and I do not feel old.

FACT: This is not true. There are also hearing aids for babies, and many young people or middle age people wear hearing aids because they want to live a quality life.

4. Hearing aids look old

 FACT: Not anymore! Today’s hearing aids come in many colors and styles and are barely visible.

5. I only need one hearing aid device because I don’t hear well just in one ear.

FACT: The sound comes from different directions. It will certainly help if you carry one hearing aid device in your ear where you have a hearing loss, but from two digital hearing aids devices, you will benefit much more because you will experience the high-grade quality of sound. The hearing aid in your “good” ear will pick up the sound and direct it wirelessly to the hearing aid in another ear, which allows you to hear much better and experience natural sounds.

6. Hearing aids are large and uncomfortable

FACT: Today’s digital technology with sophisticated microchips and diminished amplifiers is making it possible to produce high-performance and small hearing aids, others will not even notice that you are wearing them. Those hearing aids are light to wear, which is making them extremely comfortable.

7. Everyone will stare at me when I wear hearing aid

FACT: Thanks to the latest technology and design, hearing aids are now light and almost invisible. Probably every day around you walk people who wear a hearing aid, and you have not even noticed.

8. It is the same whether I am wearing a sound amplifier or a hearing aid

FACT: It is not! Sophisticated technology not only enhances sound but also allows the hearing aid to extract the desired sound from noise for better understanding sounds in a noisy environment, in the wind, can distinguish noise from speech, etc. Today’s hearing aid adapts individually to each person according to their level and type of hearing loss. Regular hearing amplifier only looks like a hearing aid, but his function is to enhance all levels of sound in your surroundings and can damage your hearing. Read more …

9. Hearing aids are too expensive

FACT: Hearing aids not only increase the quality of life (which is priceless) and but they make communication between people more comfortable. Plavi Zvuk offers you a top quality hearing aid with modern design at affordable prices because we think that whole world has the right to hear.

10. Hearing aids are complicated

FACT: Today’s hearing aids are much simpler to use than those designed in the last century. The devices automatically recognize the environment, and you do not have to change the settings manually. You charge battery same as a mobile device, by just connecting the device to its charger.