When we talk about human health we talk about physical health and mental health. Many studies show that hearing loss can negatively affect mental health and therefore whole well-being of an individual. There is a direct link between untreated hearing loss and health conditions such as dementia and depression. The good news is that it is possible to reverse the damage and to protect your mental health if you treat hearing loss. That is why you should take seriously and type of hearing loss and wear your hearing aids. When you wear hearing aid you can hear a whole diversity of sounds and this stimulates your brain to be active again. If you suffer from hearing loss, be persistent in wearing the hearing aid, as this will positively affect your mental health.

Here are 5 ways your hearing aid can improve your mental health

1. Hearing aids improve memory and mental sharpness

Research has shown improvements in all areas of a brain, after only six weeks of wearing the hearing aid. Study´s participants tested people suffering hearing loss by measuring their memory, their ability to focus and their mental acuity before and after wearing hearing aids. As a result, participants improved their cognitive functions, and more so, they were able to process information faster.

2. It has been proven that wearing hearing aids reduces the risk of cognitive decline

A well-known Journal of the American Geriatrics Society has published an article based on research that proves that hearing aids has a positive effect on cognitive functions. Studies have shown that people with hearing loss who did not wear a hearing aid experienced a significant decrease in cognitive function. On the other hand, the cognitive function of people with hearing loss that were wearing hearing aids was the same as those who did not suffer from hearing loss. Studies at the University of Pennsylvania have shown that untreated hearing loss can accelerate atrophy in auditory areas of the brain. This results in difficult speech comprehension and decreased cognitive capacity. Decreased cognitive capacity is associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Hearing aids help you enjoy music and other sounds that help relieve stress

Being able to experience a complete set of sounds around us positively influences our health. People who suffer from hearing loss often complain that they can not hear the sound of the sea waves, the rumbling of the river, or the twitter of birds. A hearing aid will allow you to hear all these types of sounds again as well as those “soft sounds” of nature that are considered to help you relax and relieve stress.

4. Hearing aids improve your social life

Many people who suffer from hearing loss often avoid people and social interaction because they have difficulty following conversations. Beside avoiding social interactions, they tend to less communicate with other people. Such behavior often results in feeling isolated and depressed. Research has shown that active social life has a positive impact on health. Once people start wearing hearing aids, they can rejoin the conversation and have an active social life.

5. People wearing a hearing aid are less exposed to depression

A survey conducted on more than 4000 people revealed that most people who were wearing hearing aids did not feel depressed compared to those who did not wear them. The research also showed that people who used a hearing aid had better mental, physical, emotional and social health than those who did not wear it since they were more socially active.  As a result, they felt that they have more control over their lives.